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How To Use

Step 1: Make yourself comfortable physically and mentally.

Step 2: Cleanse the external area and pat dry.

Step 3: Carefully insert 1/3 of the virgin stick into your vagina

Step 4: Sit for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 5: Remove it by slowly wiggling the stick downwards.

Step 6: Clean the stick under running water (do not use soap) and leave it to dry vertically (upright) in a clean place.

Step7: most effective if used about 1 hr before sexual intercourse

Step 8: use daily, weekly, or monthly according to your needs.


DO NOT Use During Pregnancy 
DO NOT Use while on monthly cycle 
DO NOT Use if you have an STD OR VIRUS 


Welcome to the Secret

US/Canada only

In the East, many noble women who face intense competitive pressure

among the courtesans used ‘the Virgin Stick’ to retain the favor as the
head of the household, and keep their husband in check. The formula was
closely guarded and passed down through generations.

They have managed to keep it sacred and secret for many generations.

The 'Virgin Stick' is a well-known feminine-hygiene tradition with no
side effects. It’s a purifying soap that has been used for centuries by
women. It is made from high quality pharmaceutical grade herbal
ingredients that has been known to be extremely beneficial for women's
intimate health. It has been carefully blended using modern technology
into a stick form that is simple and easy to use.

The 'Virgin Stick' originated from the island of Madura where the women
are known for their ability to age gracefully whilst preserving their
health, vitality and beauty.

The 'Virgin Stick' increases testosterone level up to 400% thus
increasing your sexual pleasure, ability to maintain, highly satisfying
sexual relations with your partner.

The 'Virgin Stick' tightens vaginal muscles giving you that 'first
time' feeling like a virgin every time you use it.

The 'Virgin Stick' cleanses the vagina, reduces excessive mucous and
discharge, and optimizes overall vaginal health, making you function at
your best. This product is for women of all ages. Whether you have
children or very sexually active.

If you are having feminine problems such as excessive discharge,
vaginal odor or stagnant sexual drive. the sex just hasn't been as good
as it used to be, and have tried other feminine hygiene products or any
conventional medication for that matter but have not been getting the
desired result do give 'the Virgin Stick' a try.

We hope that you use this product for enrichment and growth. Your
satisfaction is our guarantee.